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Detailed description of the installation process of the drop fuse

2019-06-25 15:57
Drop-out fuses provide a protection against short circuit conditions. It is not only economical, easy to operate, but also has a good adaptability to the outdoor environment. Drop-out fuses have some details to be aware of during the installation process. The following Best is for you.
In the process of installation of the drop fuse, the following precautions should be taken as follows: 1. During the installation process, in order to avoid heat generation of the contact, the melt should be tightened. 2, to ensure that the fuse is installed firmly and reliably, to avoid shaking conditions. 3, the melt pipe should have a downward angle of 25 ° ± 2 °, so that the melt can be quickly dropped by its own weight when the melt is blown. 4. The fuse should be installed on a crossarm with a vertical distance of not less than 4m from the ground. If it is installed above the distribution transformer, it should maintain a horizontal distance of 0.5m or more from the outer contour boundary of the distribution transformer, just in case the fuse is in use. Drops cause other accidents. 5. The length of the fuse tube should be adjusted moderately. It is required that the tongue of the duckbill can hold more than two-thirds of the length of the contact after closing, so as to avoid the malfunction of self-dropping during operation, and the melt tube can not kill the duckbill. In order to prevent the melt pipe from being melted, the melt pipe cannot be dropped in time. 6, pay attention to ensure the formal and standard melt, and has a good mechanical strength. It is generally required that the melt can withstand a tensile force of at least 147N. 7. If the 10kV drop-out fuse is installed outdoors, the inter-phase distance is required to be greater than 70cm.

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