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The role and importance of insulators

2019-06-25 16:00
Insulators are commonly known as porcelain bottles. They are insulators used to support wires. In the early years, insulators were mostly used for utility poles. Later, one end of the high-voltage wire connection tower was hung with a number of disk-shaped insulators, which were used to increase the creepage distance. Made of glass or ceramic, called an insulator.
The insulator can ensure that the wire and the cross arm and the tower are sufficiently insulated. The insulator plays two basic functions in the overhead transmission line, namely supporting the wire and preventing current from returning to the ground. It should be able to withstand the load in the vertical direction of the wire and the pulling force in the horizontal direction during operation. It is also exposed to sun, rain, climate change and chemical attack. Therefore, the insulator must have good electrical properties and sufficient mechanical strength. The quality of the insulator is very important for the safe operation of the line.

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