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Insulator for low voltage overhead line

Low-voltage overhead power line porcelain insulators are used as insulated and fixed wires in overhead power lines with overhead frequency or DC voltage below 1000V. Includes: low voltage line pin insulators and low voltage line butterfly insulators.

The role and importance of insulators

Insulators are commonly known as porcelain bottles. They are insulators used to support wires. In the early years, insulators were mostly used for utility poles. Later, one end of the high-voltage wire connection tower was hung with a number of disk-shaped insulators, which were used to increase the creepage distance. Made of glass or ceramic, called an insulator.

Detailed description of the installation process of the drop fuse

Drop-out fuses provide a protection against short circuit conditions. It is not only economical, easy to operate, but also has a good adaptability to the outdoor environment. Drop-out fuses have some details to be aware of during the installation process. The following Best is for you.
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