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Company Profile

Company Profile

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 Founded in 1986, SAA Grid Technology Co., Ltd is a national high technology enterprise, specializing in R&D, manufacture and sale of composite insulators used for transmission and distribution Line, composite insulators for overhead contact system of electrified railways and so on. Established more than 30 years, our company always pursues the principle of meticulous manufacture, careful management, and sincere service. We adhere to the purpose of continuous innovation and try our best to bravely scale new heights. All the time fighting for the development of high-quality products, we desire to provide the best service for customers. Nowadays, SAA has grown into one of the largest and strongest enterprises in electrical equipment manufacturing.
Our company has set a sound management system, passed the ISO9001 international quality management system standard, ISO4001 international environmental management system standard, OHSAS18001 health management system standard and other certifications, obtained the provincial industrial enterprise research and development institution certificate, business integrity AAA certificate and 8 national patents, we will try our best to guarantee the quality of the company's products and meet the needs of users.
Our company has a professional R&D center equipped with advanced and complete testing equipment, which can conduct sampling tests and arc tests of all insulators in accordance with GB, IEC, BS, ANSI, AS and other standards to ensure product stability. Relying on advanced production technology, our composite insulator production line has reached the international leading level, our production capacity reached 1 million composite insulators each year.
Main products: composite insulators for 10kV-1000kV transmission and distribution lines, composite insulators for overhead contact system of electrified railways, disconnectors, drop-out fuse cutout, surge arresters, end fittings, etc. With years of dedicated research and professional experience in domestic and foreign markets, SAA Grid Technology Co., Ltd. has pursued excellence and made continuous progress. We have become the backbone supplier of State Grid and China Southern Power Grid, as well as qualified suppliers and OEM/ODM manufacturers of Brazil Power Grid, South Africa Power Grid, and Switzerland ABB., Germany SIEMENS, American LAPP, HUBBELL and other internationally renowned power grid and power companies.
The power grid is extending, and SAA is developing! All staff of SAA Grid Technology Co., Ltd. warmly hope to cooperate with friends at home and abroad, achieve mutual benefit and win-win results and create brilliant future together!

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